Since 1979, our company meets the requirements of the education sector taking into consideration of needs of different institutions and provides new solutions based on customer demand with digital or analog technologies in the field of EDUCATION FURNITURE, VISUAL COMMUNICATION AND EDUCATION TECHNOLOGIES OF THE FUTURE.

As a company that always gives importance to quality, EMKO always in LEADER position in Turkey by developing new designs.
All Emko products are certified TSE and CE, ISO9001, ISO14000. 



  • Emko – Education Specialist…

Since 1979, Emko has aimed to offer high quality and innovative products to customers in every field of education.

  • We guarantee all the products we offer;

We manufacture multi-functional products in our own facilities by passing through several quality processes because our biggest mission is always to create loyal customers by making all happy.

  • We provide special solutions with customized products;

We really listen our customers and find workable solutions together with our experienced team.

  • We design functional products;

We emphasize the functionality in all our designs with our high quality perception.

  • We develop products with pedagogical and didactic approaches;

We finalize product designing by getting support from educator community after examining the use of products. pedagogically and didactically.

  • We systematically manage mechanical and technological R&D processes;

We manage our research and development processes by approving our projects to authorized institutions.

  • We collect analogue and digital technology together;

Our aim is to complete the processes by using analog and digital technology in education’.

  • We care about the neighborhood;

In our ISO 14001 certified company, we comply with European standards about Waste Management by using ecological surfaces, fsc certified products, recyclable aluminum and plastics.

  • We perform human management right, fair and without discrimination;

We adopt Human Management policy based on the OHSAS 18001 standard because happy staff means satisfed customer.

  • Let’s talk about quality!

By joining the emko family start to experience the quality in education with us.